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KinJoy; A Blooming Success at the Georgia Pinners Conference

It was an exciting day at the Georgia Pinners Conference as floral enthusiasts gathered to participate in the highly anticipated "Floral Arrangement" JoyShop guided by KinJoy Events. The session offered a unique opportunity to learn the art of floral arrangement and create stunning bouquets that reflected their individual style and personality. Let's delve into the highlights of this delightful class and discover the joy of crafting beautiful blooms.

💐The Floral Wonderland:

As participants entered the class, they were greeted by an enchanting setup adorned with a vast array of fresh seasonal flowers, arranged throughout the entire classroom. The atmosphere buzzed with positivity and excitement sparked by energizing music and the helpful smiles from the amazing Joydinators (Joy coordinators).

🧠A Mindful Experience:

As attendees prepared to embark on their floral journey, host Kinshasa Msola began with an inspiring welcome and introduction that lead into a mindful breathing exercise. "It's important that our class provides attendees with an opportunity to pause, reflect and reset." Msola stated. "It may sound crazy but the crafting aspect in our Joyshops is the secondary goal. My initial aim is to calm their minds and remind them of the importance of self-care". Kinshasa continued the class by having each participant write their intentions on a card they would reflect on later in the class.

✂️ Let's Go To Work:

Armed with shears, ribbons, and other essential tools, participants eagerly dived into the world of floral arrangement. They learned the art of proper stem cutting, flower placement and being fully immersed in their craft.

One of the most captivating aspects of the class was the freedom to personalize each bouquet. Attendees were encouraged to experiment with different colors, stem height and flower combinations to reflect their unique style and preferences. From large and festive to cute and simple, the bouquets that took shape were a true testament to the creativity and individuality of each participant.

🎉A Celebration of Accomplishment:

As the class drew to a close, the room was filled with a sense of achievement and pride. Participants stood proudly beside their hand crafted bouquets snaping selfies and sharing their unique masterpiece with the world. The atmosphere was brimming with laughter, camaraderie, and a shared appreciation for the beauty of nature. "I not only learned a new skill in floral arrangement but I also gained a deeper appreciation for the therapeutic and mindful qualities of working with flowers." stated one of the session attendees. Many left the class feeling inspired to continue exploring the world of floristry, with some even considering pursuing it as a hobby or profession.

📽️Check out the Recap Video:


The KinJoy Crew felt that this years Flower Arrangement class at the Georgia Pinners Conference was a resounding success. From the gorgeous array of flowers to the immersive experience and mini meditation, the class ignited creativity and renewal. For those lucky enough to attend, the memories and skills gained from this class will undoubtedly continue to bloom!

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