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Crafting Joyful Connections: KinJoy and Windsor Adult Education's Dynamic Partnership Unveiled

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KinJoy Events, a small business based in Atlanta, Georgia, is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with Windsor Adult Education. This collaboration aims to support Windsor Adult Ed's mission of providing flexible programming that responds to the community and individual needs, while also allowing KinJoy to expand its reach in curating unique experiences rooted in joy, creativity, and connection.

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😊The Serendipitous Beginning:

The partnership between KinJoy and Windsor Adult Ed emerged from a serendipitous conversation between Mayela Aguirre, Director of Windsor Adult Ed, and Kinshasa Msola, the founder of KinJoy. The encounter occurred at the "We Are Here" community engagement series event hosted by the Windsor Arts Center. As they discussed community engagement and inclusion, Kinshasa offered suggestions based on their successful efforts in Atlanta. The connection was immediate and organic, leading to an exciting collaboration between the two entities.

"Such a wonderful coincidence" Msola said, "A quick visit home to see my mother turned into the best business opportunity ever!"

For KinJoy, known for fostering meaningful connections through in-person events, presenting their JoyShops online marks an exciting new venture. Despite being a first for KinJoy, founder Kinshasa Msola is no stranger to online workshops, having hosted webinars and virtual conferences for the past 17 years. With a vibrant personality that transcends the virtual space, Msola is confident in delivering engaging and joyful experiences through the newly introduced Virtual JoyShops.

📦 Innovative Approach: Mindful Crafting Kits:

Women accepting a package

As a significant component of this collaboration, KinJoy has introduced Mindful Crafting Kits, a product in the planning phase for over a year. The kits are designed to relieve participants of the stress associated with finding materials, as they are conveniently mailed to each attendee's home. This initiative enhances the Virtual JoyShop experience and serves as a valuable testing ground for the product, allowing KinJoy to gather feedback before the official launch later this year.

🎉Crafting Joyful Connections:

Kinshasa is excited to spark more Joy in the state of Connecticut, where she grew up. She believes the collaboration between KinJoy Events and Windsor Adult Education represents a harmonious union of shared values and a commitment to enhancing diverse communities. Msola also sees the partnership as a catalyst for more collaborative events with the hope that initiatives like Virtual JoyShops and Mindful Crafting Kits will not only enhance the educational experience but also contribute to a more connected and joyful community.


Join our Virtual JoyShops:

The spring 2024 Virtual JoyShops offers a diverse range of fun crafting courses that seamlessly blend creativity, mindfulness, and connection.

Secure your spot today by heading over to Windsor Adult Education's website and registering now to reserve your place.


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